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Book your chazam,
while he is still alive,
here are available shows :

Solo Organ
The most simple process: one man sings in front of people without any of the artifices technology can now provide. He plays organ to accompany his own songs, and some strange covers. there are no videos, the only images is poetry in the imagination of the listeners... Chazam is a real European crusader for the confrontation of languages; he sings in many languages like English, Spanish, Bosnian, French, Italian, Nederlands, Polish... Humbly in the footsteps of Timmy Thomas and Shuggy Otis, Votre Chazam proposes a graceful show, a rare moment of truth and elegance ...
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Monique Sonique is an electro punk duo from Brussels. Worth booking in your place for audience's joy, but rather hard to explain. Please just check following docs :
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... Here is the proposition : for your club, Your bar, your parties, or any special events you may need a "super classy MOUSTACHIOED dan-DJ" who knows how to make people appreciate and dance on ETHIOPIAN GROOVES, RITMOS LATINOS y SON SUAVE, NEW WAVE (old problem), BIG and SMALL BEATS, VINTAGE ELECTRONICA DANCE, EASY LISTENING TREATS, ... David CHAZAM is THE one, B O O K h i m . . . He's been resident DJ in many places including : "ULTRA FACILE EVENING" in the nineties ; "etonnant et dansable" at Club BATOFAR in PARIS, "Ethiopiques Club nights" at NOTTING HILL ARTS CLUB in LONDON in the zeroes, Chazam spreads good music from BRUSSELS since the beginning of the tenties... Also plays ETHIOPIAN MUSIC along with THE specialist : Francis FALCETO (Ethiopiques collection/Buda records) (DJ‐duo "Abyssinie Swing" also bookable here)...
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Grand Choreoke
During " LE GRAND CHOREOKE" Chazam will be be your Video Jockey: while spinning music on vinyls he will also select and project video dance clips from his collection. Images and sounds are mixed by Votre Chazam in real time, creating new meanings through the confrontation of heterogeneous contents. This inventive formula gives a refreshing and surprising freedom of movement and thoughts, with an audacity allowing you to move on tunes that are normally unusual on dance floors. The event's promotional materials will make it clear that the audience will be expected to PARTICIPATE, but Votre Chazam, as " Master of ceremony", will drive people to the dance floor to follow, all together, the movements on the screen. The audience will become a full part of the show, as " Just dance" meets " 24 hours party people" , and as amateur and professional dancers become real PARTNERS OF FUN.


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Since ages Chazam's main occupation has always been "COMPOSER & SOUND DESIGNER" for stage (theater, dance, etc...) & motion pictures (movies, documentaries,...)
Send your project : hopefully still on call and curious about new adventures. check here previous realisations.


Chazam'laboratory studio in Brussels + analog astounding equipment(list on demand) is a nice place devoted to productions and researches, packed with technical and artistic devices that allow to work, try, discover and experiment music : artistic skills + technical sound expertise are available for realisation of your own musical productions (tracks, albums, soundtracks, ...from takes to mixes), please send projects. 

Chazam is on FB, but please contact via email : david at chazam dot org

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