... as Reverdy said :
New album !
Science and Philosophy prove it, (only religions disagree):
FUTURE DOES NOT EXIST, never existed.

The music of your CHAZAM does not come from the future
(neither from the past), it comes from NOW.
Check here the work of a true living composer, get in touch with him, because he is the best friend of children and plants and animals, so he may therefore be YOUR friend, even the friend of your friends, (even if they have the disease of indifference). Do not let time passes, get in touch with the even-tuality of YOUR Chazam...
Do not forget that Chazam loves you too.
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Today : 
YOUR Chazam has been previously approved as a trustful musical partner by the following artists and personalities :
Christian Boltanski, Jean Jacques Perrey, Renaud Cojo, Valerie Riviere, Monsieur Gadou, LIS, Laurence De La Fuente, Dinah Bird,
Bernard Blancan, Lucia Sanchez, Le Tone, Maury Deschamps, Gilbert Tiberghien, Michel Herreria, Syndrome WPW, Frederic Maragnani,
Sebastien  Laurier, Arik Haiut, Double T, SebastienS Auget et Bardet, Zan Hoffman, DJ P3z, Kenneth Flak, Wojtek Klimczik, Qwartz festival, Ingrid Heiderscheidt, Dominika Knapik, Nicolas Bonandrini (Pick Nick), DJ ILO,
Guillaume Popwell, Francis Falceto, Jean Michel Frere, Jean Paul Ouvrard, Nicolas Buysse, Neoangin, Luke Vibert, Charlie O, Dominique Pichon, Madgic, Vincent Beeckman, Val Mace and so many other wonderful crazy people....
Chazam has played before here : Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, St Petersburg, Den Haag, St Gilles, Brussels, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Pommiers Moulons,
Marseille, Dublin, Stockholm, Bergen, Lublin, Obninsk, Moscow, Toulouse, Geneva, Lausanne, London, Brighton, Bucarest, Rouen, Barcelona, Namur, Donostia, Gent, Bologna, Roma, Boulogne-Billancourt,
Biarritz, Armentieres, Angouleme, Faenza, Campobasso, Dresden,  Gottingen, Warsaw, Poitiers, Krakow, Vroclaw, Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux, Saarbrucken,
... and so many other crazy and normal cities..

Flyer of the forthcoming shows of your Chazam

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