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B  U  Y     Y  O  U  R     C  H  A  Z  A  M

my head is turning

flesh           plastic            bits

Musical activist since ever,
Votre Chazam is a very much independant artist from Brussels.
Discover here what he does.

please do note that direct purchase is the best solution
for independant artists.

Bandcamp is an OK alternative so far.
Download sites like itunes and others are crooks,
but feel free to use them as well, because

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Almost every album produced by Your CHAZAM
may be available in plastic CD or Vinyl.
Please contact me directly by mail for complete list and direct purchase
without leaving money to internet crooks.
The albums below are available directly that way... Welcome.

You can also check Discogs for second hand opportunities.
For those who like luxuruous gifts,
I can also fix you a one copy signed vinyl LP printing of any unreleased album

the worst


NEWSLETTER of your Chazam / Mailing list

* write here

hein ?

Chazam is on FB, but please contact via email : david at chazam dot org

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