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musical activist since mid 80's.

moustache ! la preuve par la science
Science proves it : the music of Chazam, (the best friend of  animals and children) is essential for you, your audience and even plants in your office.
It contains electrolytes, and oligo-audio-elements, vital-drenalins that a distructured human and vegetal metabolism needs to recover faith. Share with your friends - at garanteed fair price ! - a UNIQUE moment full of musical anarchy and retrofuturistic disco movements. Chazam is really the ideal partner of your baffling surprise parties, because Chazam loves you... Check down here the flyer of next shows

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Today : 
YOUR Chazam has been previously approved as a trustful musical partner by the following artists and personalities :
Christian Boltanski, Jean Jacques Perrey, Renaud Cojo, Valerie Riviere, Monsieur Gadou, LIS, Laurence De La Fuente, Dinah Bird,
Bernard Blancan, Lucia Sanchez, Le Tone, Sebastien Bardet, Maury Deschamps, Gilbert Tiberghien, Michel Herreria, Frederic Maragnani,
Sebastien  Laurier, Arik Haiut, Double T, Zan Hoffman, DJ P3z, Kenneth Flak, Wojtek Klimczik, Dominika Knapik, Nicolas Bonandrini (Pick Nick), DJ ILO,
Guillaume Popwell, Jean Michel Frere, Neoangin, Luke Vibert, Charlie O, Dominique Pichon, Madgic, and so many other wonderful crazy people....
Chazam has played before here : Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, St Petersburg, Den Haag, St Gilles, Brussels, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Pommiers Moulons,
Marseille, Dublin, Stockholm, Bergen, Lublin, Toulouse, Geneva, Lausanne, London, Brighton, Bucuristi, Rouen, Barcelona, Namur, Donostia, Gent, Bologna, Roma, Boulogne-Billancourt,
Biarritz, Armentières, Angoulème, Faenza, Campobasso, Antwerpen, Dresden,  Gottingen, Warsaw, Poitiers, Krakow, Riga, Vroclaw, Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux, Saarbrucken,
... and so many other crazy and normal cities..

Flyer of the forthcoming shows of your Chazam

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