DJ CHAZAM on the mixchazam dj
CHAZAM is a composer that loves music.
Made a lot of records, including a couple with the legendary JEAN JACQUES PERREY,
and many other creative guys. Chazam plays around as a performer, but also as DJ.
He is resident DJ of one club in Brussels, the CHAFF.
Do not expect any specialisation nor closed mind in the mixes of Chazam,
he loves the musicS first of all, and the inventive ones especially.
Elegance and culture in the move...
High finest quality selector is here for ya babies...
xxx ???!!!??? ...kijk :, and here are some mixes ONLINE :

Chazochaff 02 02 2014 part one "Musiques latines et néanmoins typiques " by Votre_Chazam on Mixcloud

Chazochaff 02 02 2014 part two "Musiques faciles et néanmoins bien" by Votre_Chazam on Mixcloud

Chaz'o'Chaff 2/2/14 Part 3 : Musiques dansables et néanmoins électroniques by Votre_Chazam on Mixcloud

Other mixes available here : mixcloud Votre Chazam

Chazam also plays in a DJ duo called "ABYSSINIE SWING" with other living legend Francis FALCETO,
THE specialist of Ethiopian music ("Ethiopiques" collection Buda Music) (mail via Chazam's site for booking)
Falceto and Chazam

Chazam plays Ethiopiques music by Votre_Chazam on Mixcloud

...Check here a 4 decades music loving story of YA CHAZ', folks :
David Chazam started to DJ as a teenager fully involved in the musical scene
of his french little town in the mid 80's. He started to mix regularly at the CONFORT MODERNE,
the main club of Poitiers, he would even play at that time "easy listening" to the local punks,
before he even knew that was a musical style...
Somewhere in the south of France, stands Bordeaux, a city full of wine and retarded rock lovers (still there)...
During the nineties, in this "super difficult" context, DJ Chazam would make the pretty girls and people dance
on good Disco and Exotic Rythms during the "ULTRA FACILE" evenings...
As he was living in Paris in the beginning of 0's era, a monthly residency was proposed to Chazam,
and he would put the famous ETONNANT&DANSABLE parties on the BATOFAR.
Still in the memories of aficionados of the time, astounding programs that would
present them LIVE acts of Jean Jacques Perrey, The Chap, Neo Angin, TTC, the Karminsky's,
Luke Vibert, and so many other surprises and delightful other DJ's. Finally, at the end
of the decade Chazam would be resident DJ of a monthly "ETHIOPIQUES club night" party in London at Notting Hill Arts club...
Now the "10 years" are not so old... Chazam has the super privilege of living
in the capital of Europe and often sharing good music with the super beautiful audiences
of super nice places like the CHAFF, Recyclart, London Calling, les Brigittinnes (Marcel et Brigitte),
... And to continue spreading from there nice sounds all over Europe.
pdf file text + images : download here ***